Supermarket price wars: Comparing prices at 8 types of grocery stores, from Cheap Recipe Blog

Supermarket Price Comparisons

Have you ever wondered how drastically prices vary at different types of grocery stores? Me too. I recently visited eight grocery stores to compare prices for a set number of food items. The...

Mini party cupcakes, from Cheap Recipe Blog

Mini Party Cupcakes

In a perfect world, everybody would have the time needed to make cupcakes and frosting from scratch. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way. Which is why so many of us resort to...

Three bean hotdish recipe, from Cheap Recipe Blog

Three Bean Potluck Hotdish

I’m on track to post one hotdish recipe a year. So far, this is what I have: One year ago: Chow mein noodle hotdish Two years ago: Ring bologna hotdish This year? A classic three...

Top 5 Sriracha-Based Sauces

Top 5 Sriracha-Based Sauces

True story: I’ve been dreaming of sharing this post with you for more than two years. You see, I’m a little bit obsessed with sriracha sauce. If you’re not familiar, it’s a hot...

Delicious and cheap banana & peanut butter granola. Repin to save!

Banana & Peanut Butter Granola – Plus An Albion Giveaway!

(Giveaway closed: Congratulations Carissa!) Does anyone else make springtime resolutions? The promise of warmer weather always gives me a boost of energy, and I find myself motivated to eat better, get active, and...

The Ultimate Cream Tea recipe, from Preserving Made At Home

The Ultimate Cream Tea – And The Food Blogger Cookbook Swap

Any cookbook hoarders out there? You know who you are! My own personal cookbook obsession explains why I was so excited to participate in the Food Blogger Cookbook Swap, hosted by Alyssa of

Veggie and hummus pizza, from Cheap Recipe Blog

Veggie Hummus Pizza Recipe

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to introduce you to this pizza (writer’s block, anyone?). Here are five intro lines I’ve come up with over the last 30 minutes:...