Yeast pancakes (flappers) recipe

Any other “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” fans out there?

A few years ago, Guy Fieri came to Minneapolis and visited the Colossal Café in Minneapolis, a teeny-tiny restaurant where pretty much everything on the menu is made from scratch. One of the recipes highlighted on that particular episode was their flappers, or yeast-raised pancakes. I went to Colossal Café with some friends a few weeks after watching the episode to try their flappers.

And oh my goodness were they good.

While nothing will come close to the taste of the flappers I ate at Colossal Café, I certainly enjoyed the batch I recently made at home.

Get the Recipe on “Feast On The Cheap”

To get this pancake recipe, head on over to Feast On the Cheap, where I guest posted.

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