50 Homemade Halloween Candy Recipes - a recipe roundup from Cheap Recipe Blog

Do you shamelessly dig into your child’s Halloween treat bag?

No judgment here.

But if you’re like me, all of that Halloween candy starts to blend together after awhile.

I love candy bars as much as the next person. But seriously – house after house, year after year, it’s the same darn candy.

Why not try something new this Halloween? Make homemade versions of your favorite Halloween treats. Plan some kitchen time before Halloween to make treats for your family, co-workers and neighbors.

But Wait… Are You Going To Save Money By Making Your Own Halloween Candy?

Probably not.

But when you start adding the cost of ingredients up, candy recipes are generally not too expensive. We’re dealing with sugar, butter, and flour here. Not fresh produce, meat, or specialty ingredients. This makes for cheaper (albeit not heathier) recipes.

Without further ado, here are 50 homemade Halloween candy recipes to get you started:

Make Something Classic

Make Something New

Make Something Healthy(ish)

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