Top 10 Recipes of 2017, from Cheap Recipe Blog

It’s already the end of 2017  (how did that happen?) – which means it’s time for the annual roundup of top recipes.

Take a look at the most-viewed recipes on Cheap Recipe Blog in 2017.

Top 10 Recipes Of 2017

10: Corn Fritters With Honey Butter:  Last summer, I participated in a fair food recipe collaboration with some fellow food bloggers. I recreated one of my favorite Minnesota State Fair foods: Corn fritters with honey butter.

Corn fritters with maple butter: A Minnesota State Fair-inspired recipe.

9: Quinoa Sushi Rolls: Quinoa in place of rice makes for surprisingly satisfying and tasty sushi rolls – albeit a little more difficult to roll.

Quinoa sushi rolls: Like regular sushi rolls, except made with quinoa. Click through for recipe!

8: Almond-Crusted Turmeric Green Bean Fries: I like veggie fries, and I like to sneak turmeric into my recipes whenever I can. This recipe combines both deliciously!

Almond-crusted oven-baked turmeric green bean fries.

7: Spicy Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Waffle Bites: I participated in another year of Academy Awards-inspired recipes. My recipe was inspired by the Best Picture-nominated film, Fences.

Spicy buttermilk chicken and waffle bites: Inspired by the Academy Awards Best Picture nominated film, Fences.

6: Shrimp And Cream Cheese Firecrackers: A spin on cream cheese wontons: This version adds shrimp and the wontons are shaped like little firecrackers.

Shrimp and cream cheese firecrackers: A tasty and spicy spin on cream cheese wontons.

5: Norwegian Krumkake: Krumkake are thin, delicate cookies made on a special iron. My family makes krumkake every Christmas, and this is our recipe.

Norwegian krumkake recipe: My mom's recipe that's been in the family for decades!

4: Norwegian Egg Coffee: It sounds crazy, but this method of coffeemaking results in a smooth, delicious cup of coffee.

How to make Norwegian egg coffee. Yes, egg coffee. Click through for instructions.

3: Norwegian Rice Pudding (Risgrot): Another treasured Norwegian recipe made the Top 10 list: Thick, creamy, and lightly sweetened Norwegian rice pudding.

Norwegian rice pudding (risgrot) recipe

2: French Fry Dipping Sauces: I’m a sauce girl. I add sauce to practically everything, including French fries. I made a list of 25 dipping sauces for French fries. There’s something for everyone on this list!

Dipping Sauces For French Fries: Try something new on your fries! Click through for lots of creative ideas.

]1: Charcuterie Board On A Budget: Everyone loves a good charcuterie board – which is probably why this was the #1 recipe of the year! Here, I’ve shared several ideas for creating a charcuterie board on a budget. Keep this post handy if you plan on hosting a party in 2018!

How to assemble a charcuterie board on a budget


My Favorite Recipes Of 2017

3: Rose Crème Brûlée For Two: Crème brûlée is a special occasion dessert – and it becomes even more special when rose water and dried rose petals are added. I made this for Valentine’s Day last year.

Rose creme brulee: Classic creme brulee with a subtle rose flavoring. Perfect for Valentine's Day or another special occasion. Click through for recipe!

2: DIY Guacamole Bar: Setting up a guacamole bar allows each of your guests to make their own customized dip. Everyone wins!

DIY Guacamole Bar: Let your guests load up on lots of toppings.

1: Turkey Lettuce Wraps With Peanut Sauce: These lettuce wraps are super easy, bursting with flavor – and the perfect way to use leftover turkey.  I only post recipes that I like -obviously – but this one was my favorite of all in 2017!

Turkey lettuce wraps: Get more mileage out of your leftover turkey. These are SUPER easy to make!

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Thank you so much for following along in 2017. I truly love creating and sharing recipes with you – and I hope you’ll stick around for more cheap recipes and money-saving tips in 2018!

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