How to Make a DIY Cocktail

in a Jar

These DIY cocktails in a jar cost less than $5 to make and they are super simple! Follow the directions in this post to make your own DIY cocktail in a jar for a unique gift!

Tips For Making Infused Cocktails In A Jar



Dehydrated fruit  – Spices  – Other ingredients  – Sugar cubes


 Organic ingredients: Look for organic ingredients since you are infusing them in alcohol. Everything you infuse - pesticides, chemicals, etc. - will end up in the final product.


Alcohol: Model your cocktail-in-a-jar after your favorite drink, using the most appropriate/obvious alcohol associated with that cocktail.


Infusion time: Infuse alcohol in the jar filled with ingredients for 3 or more days.


Strain out ingredients: Make sure to strain out all of the dried fruit/spices/other ingredients before consuming.


Dehydrate your own fruit: To save money, dehydrate your own fruit instead of buying it at the grocery store.


Infused alcohol is really strong. These are basically pure alcohol with the flavors and essences of whatever you're soaking. You can use these infused alcohol recipes as mixers.

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