Where to Sell Things You

Don't Want


Wondering where to sell things you don't want that doesn't include a garage sale? Here are some of the best places in store and online to sell your things that will make you money without having a garage sale!

Where to Sell Your Things Online and In-Store


Book Shops

Selling used books won’t make you rich – but it will clear up a lot of space in your house. Check out local used book stores (such as Half Price Books) or consider selling your used books on Amazon.

Consignment Shops

Consignment shops are ideal for selling higher-end clothing, shoes, and accessories that are in good condition. Some consignment shops also accept appliances, household items, and furniture.


Ebay is a person-to-person online auction website. Sellers have the option to run an auction for a set number of days, or set a “buy it now” price.


If you have antiques or vintage items to sell, or if you are an artist/craft maker who has something to sell, check out Etsy. Etsy also charges fees for selling.


If you have high-quality or brand name clothes and accessories to sell, consider selling on Poshmark.


ThredUp is another option for selling clothes and accessories. It’s advertised as the largest online consignment and thrift store.


Decluttr is a great site to sell old phones and tech products, CDs, DVDs, games, books, and Legos. Get rid of tech clutter on Decluttr!

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