Leftover pie crust cookies recipe

I’m sure these cookies are familiar to many of you.

Back in the day, I remember my mom making these cookies whenever she would make pies and have leftover crust. I thought they were better than the pies themselves. No offense, mom. Your pies were and are wonderful!

You certainly don’t have to wait until you make pie to make these cookies. Go whip up a batch right now.

Technically, they’re easier than pie since you don’t have to bother with the filling. And they’re delicious. They’re the perfect little cookie for dunking in coffee or tea.

…and they’re incredibly cheap.

The next time you have leftover pie crust (maybe after making peach pie, mini pies or pie in a bowl) try this recipe!

Pie Crust Cookies: The Cost

  • Butter (1 stick) = $.75
  • Flour (1 1/4 cups) = $.30
  • Other ingredients (salt, cinnamon, and sugar) = Approximately $.20

Total cost for recipe: = $1.25 (makes a big batch of leftover pie crust cookies)

Leftover pie crust cookies recipe

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