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Side dishes can make a meal! There are so many delicious and creative side dish recipes that can stand on their own – but shine when they accompany a main course.

Where to start? The cauliflower sausage and apple stuffing is a delicious paleo-friendly addition to your Thanksgiving meal. It’s addictive. I can’t stop eating it.

Having chili or soup? Consider making the microwaveable cornbread in a mug. This is the perfect quick recipe for one or two.

Baked beans make a great side dish any time of the year, but especially in the summer. Check out the “how to doctor up a can of baked beans” to learn how to easily make canned baked beans taste amazing.

A personal favorite is the Japanese potato salad. It’s similar enough to American-style, but unique enough to make your family notice something a little different (and delicious!) – the addition of pickled vegetables.

Check out this variety of side dish recipes that will make your meal complete, from Cheap Recipe Blog.