Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Cheap Recipe Blog, saving money on food, affordable recipes, and more.Cheap Recipe Blog FAQ

When Did You Start Cheap Recipe Blog?

I started sharing affordable recipes on Cheap Recipe Blog in September, 2011. Cheap Recipe Blog has existed, currently, for nearly 13 years.

What Makes Cheap Recipe Blog Different?

On Cheap Recipe Blog, I’m giving you the cheap recipe version of many of your favorite recipes. You’ll find many of your favorite recipes on this site, but the recipes are strategically created and developed keeping your budget in mind.

For example: Love BBQ ribs? Me too. But they’re usually quite expensive. But have you heard of country-style ribs? They’re delicious, taste a lot like traditional ribs – but they’re much less expensive. Check out this oven-baked country-style BBQ rib recipe.

Another example: Crab cakes. Super expensive. But when you make homemade crab cakes with imitation crab instead of real crab – you’ll save money and still eat something really delicious.

I’m so glad you’re here: You can count on me to give the cheap recipe spin on many of your favorite foods.

Where Do You Get Your Recipes?

My recipes come from all over the place. Most of my recipes are originals or adaptations on recipes I’ve made before. Others I find in cookbooks. Some I find on other cooking blogs. A few of them are recipes that I have been cooking for years that I don’t know the origin of. Others aren’t recipes at all, but rather meal ideas.

I will note the origin of a recipe whenever possible.

Where Do You Live?

I am a Minnesota-based blogger who lives in St. Paul, Minnesota. I am originally from Southwest Minnesota near the South Dakota border and spend a lot of time there.

Do You Work With Local Businesses, Companies, and Brands?

Yes. I work with Minnesota-based businesses, South Dakota businesses, and other companies in the Midwest highlighting restaurants, locally-made products, and other regional attributes. If you are interested in working with a Minnesota blogger to promote your business or brand, please send and email.

Check out:

Are You On Social Media?

Yes. I regularly post new recipes, money-saving tips, and affordable recipe ideas on the following social media sites:

How Many Recipes Are On Cheap Recipe Blog?

Currently there are more than 600 affordable recipes on Cheap Recipe Blog. Additionally, there are hundreds of meal and snack ideas that that don’t require a recipe to give you more information and ideas to feed you or your family on a budget.

How Many Money-Saving Articles Are On Cheap Recipe Blog?

In addition to cheap recipes, there are 60 articles detailing creative ways to save money on groceries, household products, ingredients, gifts, and more.

Why Do You Focus On Cheap Recipes?

There is great need for cheap recipes. Many people struggle to feed their families on one or even two incomes. Grocery prices rise, year-over-year, due to inflation. Shrinkflation means smaller packaging and more spent on the same amount of food over time.

Many people’s biggest expense is food. My mission is to share cheap recipes that taste really good – to help you cook food that you like to eat without spending a lot of money.

How Do You Figure Cost Per Serving?

I base my cost-per-serving price based on what I paid. I always shop for deals, but typically don’t use coupons. So the price I pay is probably similar to what you would pay if you buy store brands, shop in-store specials, and shop at discount stores like ALDI.

What Are Your Top 3 Tips For Saving Money On Food?

  1. Start shopping at discount grocery stores (Find out how much you can save by changing where you shop)
  2. Identify cheap recipes you and your family love and start incorporating them into your meal rotation
  3. Identify cheap ingredients and food items that you like to eat, and start incorporating them into your meal planning

What Cheap Ingredients Do You Recommend Using?

This list will vary depending on where you live and what you like to eat, but here are some cheap food items to consider incorporating more of into your diet:

What Are The Cheapest Recipes On Cheap Recipe Blog?

While the whole point of my blog is to share recipes that are cheap, some of the cheapest recipes on here are:

Check out this post highlighting the cheapest recipes on Cheap Recipe Blog.

Does Cheap Cooking Mean Boring Food?

Absolutely not! You can eat totally delicious food without spending a lot of money. I know because I do it all the time!

Dive into Cheap Recipe Blog and find some new recipes to try that look appealing to you. As you identify cheap recipes you love, you can start experimenting with variations on those recipes to make them your own/put your own spin on them.

If you start making more food at home instead of getting takeout, going through the drive-through or buying ready-made food from the grocery store, you’ll start saving a lot of money over time.

Can I Post One of Your Recipes on My Own Blog?

If you are interested in posting a recipe from my blog on your own blog/website, I ask that you link back to my original post. Please contact me directly to discuss using one of my photos in your posts.

Have You Published Any Books?

Yes. In 2016, I published an ebook titled: 39 Low-Effort Ways To Save Up To $9,340.67 This Year.

Additionally, I have a featured recipe in The Ultimate SPAM Cookbook.

Have You Been Featured On Any News Sites?

Yes.  I have been interviewed on Fox9 News Minneapolis-St. Paul and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. I am a regular food reviewer for Minnesota-based Bring Me The News.

Have You Spoken At Any Events?

Yes. I was a featured presenter at the Minnesota Blogger Conference. My presentation was titled: 5 mistakes even the most experienced bloggers make with their content.

I was a featured speaker at the What’s For Dinner? summit from February 26-28, 2024.

Do You Do Link Exchanges?


Do You Accept Guest Articles?


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  • Bargain Babe – Great money-saving tips, some food-related, some not.
  • Budget Bytes – A longstanding blog featuring cheap recipes with price-per-serving noted.

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