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Minnesota recipes

Here is a collection of recipes that are popular in Minnesota.

You can’t mention Minnesota recipes without mentioning hotdish. You’ll find lots of hotdish recipes here, including chow mein noodle hotdish, pizza hotdish, chicken-broccoli hotdish, ring bologna hotdish, and more. Hotdish is the perfect crowd-pleasing, cold weather dish that’s perfect for any occasion.

You’ll also find a lot of traditional Norwegian recipes in this Minnesota section. Why? Minnesota has a large Scandinavian population, and many of the traditional Norwegian (and Scandinavian) recipes that were brought over have survived. In my family, we make traditional Norwegian recipes a lot, especially around the holidays.

A fun recipe to try is the pickle rollups. There’s something about the combination of pickles, cream cheese, and ham (or pastrami) that is just perfect. So delicious – trust me!

Celebrate your state pride with these budget-friendly recipes from the great state of Minnesota!