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South Dakota recipes

Here are a bunch of recipes that are popular in South Dakota!

So much of my culinary background is inspired by South Dakota. I grew up on the Minnesota/South Dakota border. Most of my shopping and entertainment occurred in South Dakota. I went to church there. My relatives lived there.

So as far as South Dakota cuisine goes, where should you start? Check out the chislic recipe. Chislic is seasoned deep fried steak pieces. It’s a very popular recipe in South Dakota bars and grills. This recipe will allow you to enjoy this great dish at home.

Hotdishes are also super popular in South Dakota. They’re hearty and allow you to feed a crowd without a lot of work.

South Dakota certainly has a large Scandinavian population, and the Norwegian recipes featured are ones that are popular in South Dakota – especially around the holidays.

The rhubarb custard cake is a delicious cake that is easy to make (it starts with a cake mix) and makes great use of spring and summer rhubarb.

Whether you’re from South Dakota or just have an interest in South Dakota recipes, I hope you find something you like here on Cheap Recipe Blog.