Updated 5/22/22

Looking for some ultra cheap recipes? These are some of the cheapest recipes on Cheap Recipe Blog. If you are looking to save money on food, check out these recipes – many of which cost less than $1.00 per serving – and some that cost less than $1.00 for the entire recipe.

The cheapest recipes on Cheap Recipe Blog. These are the best of the best! Click through for all recipes.

Every once in awhile, someone will ask me, as the author of Cheap Recipe Blog, what the cheapest recipes on my blog are. Valid question. And until now, I didn’t know the exact answer to that question.

So I decided to create a list of the cheapest of the cheap recipes on my blog.

These are the recipes that will get you through the tough times, whether you just lost your job, are a college student or are saving up for a big purchase. Or maybe the economy is kicking your butt, dealing with inflation, shrinkflation, and supply chain issues.

And the best part? You won’t sacrifice flavor or quality. Some of the recipes below are my favorite recipes of all time (apple oatcakes, I’m looking at you!)

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The 38+ Cheapest Recipes On Cheap Recipe Blog

Cheap wedge salad – 89 cents per serving

Bacon-veggie egg boats – 86 cents per serving

Three-ingredient pasta sauce with pasta – 83 cents per servings

The ultimate cheap breakfast sandwich – 80 cents each

Black bean soup with orange-jalapeno salsa – 78 cents per serving

Carrot fries – 72 cents per serving

Tomato-lentil soup – 63 cents per serving

Potato dumplings – 60 cents per serving

Homemade potato chips – 60 cents per serving

Fried egg sandwich – 60 cents each

English muffin pizzas – 60 cents each

Slow cooker apple oatmeal – 59 cents per serving

Apple oatcakes – 52 cents per serving

Pizza-style polenta – 52 cents per serving

Applesauce overnight oatmeal – 50 cents per serving

Lentil and chicken sausage soup – 47 cents per serving

Simple baked oatmeal – 46 cents per serving

Egg salad sandwiches – 45 cents per serving

Savory roasted cabbage – 44 cents per serving

Cheesy hot dog egg rolls – 43 cents each

Tortilla shell pizzas – 43 cents each

Creamy potato soup – 42 cents per serving

Thai peanut cabbage salad – 41 cents per serving

Mashed potatoes (made in the crock pot) – 41 cents per serving

Breakfast tostadas – 40 cents each

Baked sweet potato fries – 39 cents per serving

Mashed carrot potatoes with bacon – 39 cents per serving

Lemon-lentil dip – 37 cents per serving

Crispy polenta fries – 37 cents per serving

Banana oat pancakes – 37 cents per serving

Berry baked oatmeal – 36 cents per serving

Muffin tin pizzas – 30 cents each

Banana “sushi” rolls – 28 cents per serving

Egg and banana pancakes – 28 cents per serving

Tabasco baked eggs – 25 cents per serving

Cheesy kale rice fritters – 25 cents each

Sea salt popcorn – 23 cents per batch

Homemade tortilla chips – 15 cents per serving

Mexican rice – 13 cents per serving

Homemade crackers – 10 cents per serving

Mini pizza bites – 8 cents each

Homemade tortilla shells – 5 cents each

What Do These Recipes Have In Common?

Notice any trends here? We’re dealing with lots of pantry staples here:

  • Eggs
  • Tortilla shells
  • Beans
  • Lentils
  • Rice
  • Bananas
  • Oatmeal

When you base your meals on these budget-friendly food items, you will start saving a lot of money – without having to try hard. And you’ll still be eating delicious food. It’s a win-win!

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