Start with flavored Greek yogurt, add extra ingredients, and you have a fabulous dip. Repin to save!

For those of you who love recipes that take less than 1 minute to make – give or take – this idea is for you.

The concept is simple. Start with a container of flavored Greek yogurt (like Yoplait Vanilla) and add other ingredients. Or start with a container of plain Greek yogurt, then add sweetener and other ingredients.

P.S. They’re healthy

P.P.S. They’re cheap too!

Get The Recipes At Betty Crocker

I recently shared a post on the Betty Crocker website highlighting two delicious Greek-yogurt based dips. I experimented with many flavor combinations, but these two were my favorite. Go to the Betty Crocker website to get the recipes.

Healthy chocolate-peanut butter Greek yogurt dip

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