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Have you ever made your own homemade crackers before? It’s easier than you’d think – and it’s a super impressive cooking trick to have up your sleeve!

The easiest recipe in this collection? The wonton crackers. These are almost impossible to screw up – and for approximately $3.50, you can make about 48 large crackers that are perfect for entertaining.

The salami crackers are reminiscent of the close-to-overdone pieces of pepperoni on top of a well-done pizza. The crispy (the BEST) pieces of pepperoni – now in salami form. Perfect for keto or low-carb diets.

The classic homemade crackers recipe is a timeless favorite. I’ve made this recipe so many times over the years. It can be customized with different spices and add-ins, like garlic powder, poppy seeds, Parmesan cheese, etc.

It’s time to give homemade crackers a try in your kitchen. These are all budget-friendly recipes that are simple to make. Enjoy!