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Onions are the base of so many savory dishes. But when they’re the star of the show, their flavor is beyond amazing.

If you’re looking for recipes to highlight the complex flavors of onions, look no further than this collection from Cheap Recipe Blog.

Start by trying one of the most famous onion recipes out there: French onion soup. This recipe uses white wine to flavor the broth. And instead of topping with cheese, it’s topped with a pre-baked crostini topped with cheese so you’re getting a crouton and cheese for your bowl of soup.

Another favorite is the French onion fried potatoes. This is a super simple recipe for a side dish that is full of flavor.

Perhaps the most delicious way to cook onions is to caramelize them. Check out the caramelized onion sloppy Joes. It’s a bit more time consuming than other sloppy Joe recipes, but only because you’re taking time to caramelize the onions. Plus, you can freeze extra, so they’re easy to incorporate into other recipes in the future.

Enjoy this collection of cheap and easy onion recipes!