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Thrift shops

If you’re not already shopping at thrift shops, you should consider starting if you’re serious about saving money.

My kitchen, my closet, and my entire house is laden with thrift shop finds. From plates to kitchen appliances to benches to wall art to sweaters, thrift shops have it all.

If you need stuff but want to watch what you spend, consider checking out local thrift shops to find used but perfectly useable items.

Since these items are used, it’s a good idea to check for defects before purchasing. And if it’s an electric appliance, try to find an outlet to test to see if it works.

Another option for money-saving shoppers: Rummage/garage sales. These are often even better places to find good used stuff, as the merchandise is less picked over. In a thrift shop, you’re competing with other shoppers.

For serious money-saving shoppers, consider adding thrift shops as a stop on your errand-running days!