Thrift shopping is an adventure. If you’re lucky, you score quality used clothing, dishes, art, decor, and other items at a steep discount. Keep reading to see some of my favorite thrift shop finds purchased over the years.

A House Full of Thrift Shop Finds: Items I have purchased at thrift shops over the years.

Do you like looking through other people’s stuff? Sorting through a friend’s closet? Taking a peek in someone else’s medicine cabinet? (No shame!)

Lucky for you, I am giving you a sneak peek into my closet, kitchen, and apartment. I am sharing photos of items that I have purchased at thrift shops (along with a few garage sale items).

I hope this inspires you to start shopping at thrift shops – instead of buying all of your items at full price.

Trust me: you will save a ton of money in the long run!

Buying pretty scarves at thrift shops: Plus other thrift shop Items I have purchased.

I always look for pretty scarves at the thrift shop. Wearing scarves is an easy way to change the look of an outfit, and a cheap way to make yourself look more pulled-together.

Just a fraction of the pretty, good-quality clothing I have purchased at Thrift Shops over the years.

Just a fraction of the clothing I have purchased over the years at thrift shops. The latest additions come from my personal stylist session at Arc’s Value Village.

Look for vintage and new quality jewelry and accessories at thrift shops. Here is just a sample of the items I have purchased over the years.

A few pieces of jewelry bought at thrift shops.

Buy cookbooks at thrift shops. Look for new as well as vintage ones.

Most of the cookbooks I find at thrift shops are older, but I have found a few new gems, including Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi. I also love Color Me Vegan, from which I made this yummy green pea guacamole.

I buy a variety of photo props, kitchen items, and other kitchen goods at thrift shops.

I buy all sorts of food props and kitchen items at thrift shops. This plate, with a 3-D bird, is one of my favorites! So unique. And I think I paid $2.00 for it.

An end table that I refinished, after purchasing from a thrift shop. And a pretty painting, also found while thrifting.

When I bought this end table, it wasn’t in great condition. But my dad helped me strip it and revarnish it, and now it looks great. I also love the painting, which I found at a thrift shop in Red Wing, Minnesota.

A simple, vintage wooden chair and two colorful pillows. All found at thrift shops.

This chair is in my entry and serves many purposes: A place to put on shoes, a place to hold my bag, a place to display all the pillows I’ve accumulated, and much more!

An old framed photograph of a military group from Minnesota

I just love this photo, taken of U.S. Naval Training School students in Minneapolis back in 1943. I like studying the faces of these young men, curious to know what became of them and what kind of lives they lived after this photo was taken.

Two interesting prints of vintage Minneapolis scenes, including Lake Harriet and the Pavillion. Both found at thrift shops.

These are some more prints that I picked up at a thrift shop, highlighting old-time scenes in Minneapolis.

My favorite framed painting, found at a thrift shop.

Probably my favorite painting of all – for less than $5. Score!

This adorable green coffee table/TV stand was only $7.49

The Best Thrift Shops In The Twin Cities

I recently had a personal styling session with Arc’s Value Village, along with Alice, Nikki, and the Nellie Bellie girls. After filling out a style profile, Michelle, the Thrift Stylist, hand-picked several outfits for each of us. I had a blast trying on clothes – even the items that were outside of my fashion comfort zone. I ended up buying some unique pieces that I may not have otherwise considered. And I love them all!

Set up a free thrift styling session at Arc's Value Village in the Twin Cities

Best of all, the service is completely free! Be sure to follow the Thrift Stylist on Instagram to get notified of upcoming personal styling session openings.

Decorating Your Apartment With Thrift Shop Finds

My apartment is a mix of new and thrifted items. I typically avoid buying used pillows or cushioned furniture, but used items that are washable or cleanable are fair game.

Whether you choose to decorate your apartment with faux florals, vintage wall art or other thrifted items, you can save a lot of money – and curate a home full of interesting items.

Finally… don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, where I routinely post photos of items I have purchased at thrift shops.