Think the supermarket is the only place to shop to get deals on groceries? Think again! Here are 5 alternative places to get groceries on a budget.Five alternative places to get cheap groceries, from Cheap Recipe Blog

If you shop at the same grocery store all the time, you’re missing out. By shopping around, you can discover new foods, get inspired to try new dishes – and save money too.

Personally, I shop all over the place. I visit a handful of food stores throughout the week and stock up on my favorite products when I visit them. I recently blogged about finding cheap groceries at these grocery stores:

And today, I’m sharing some out-of-box places to find deals on groceries. Stores that you wouldn’t necessary think of when you need to shop for food, but stores that offer some surprisingly good deals.

5 Alternative Places To Get (Cheap) GroceriesAlternative places to shop for deals on groceries, from Cheap Recipe Blog

1: World Market

Any World Market fans out there? In addition to being one of my favorite stores to shop for dishes, furniture, and accessories, I love browsing their food section. They have a great selection of international foods that are reasonably priced. They also occasionally have discounted groceries. I like buying spices, sauces, specialty teas, and food gifts here.

2: Dollar stores

While the quality and selection of food varies from store to store, dollar stores can be great places to find deals on groceries. Pasta, canned goods, ramen, spices, soups, crackers, and snacks are all foods that you can commonly find at dollar stores.

Alternative places to get good deals on groceries

3: Walmart

Whenever I go to Walmart, I swing through the grocery section to stock up on pantry items like flour, sugar, baking powder, cereal, salsa, beans, and more.

Recently, I did a $25 grocery challenge to buy as many groceries at Walmart as possible – while sticking to a $25 grocery budget.

(Spoiler alert: I got a lot for just $25!)

What $25 buys at Walmart for groceries: Learn how to get the most bang for your buck while shopping at Walmart.

4: T.J. Maxx

T.J. Maxx is a great place to shop for budget gourmet foods. I like putting together wedding gifts with food items I’ve purchased at T.J. Maxx. My go-to is a gift basket containing gourmet sauces or salts, plus a cookbook and other kitchen items.

5: International grocery stores

Ethnic grocery stores offer incredible deals on hard-to-find items. But if you’re willing to spend some time browsing the aisles, you will discover some grocery staples that can be used in all types of cooking. I find insane deals on produce at a local Asian grocery store. Recently, I’ve found a head of cabbage for $.55, ginger for $.99 a pound, and three lemons for $.99.

Where do you shop for cheap groceries? Do you stick to one grocery store or do you visit several? Please share your ideas in the comments section below.