Green Monster Smoothie, made by Cheap Recipe Blog
Get the recipe: Green Monster Smoothie from Oh She Glows

On Cheap Recipe Blog, I aim to post new recipes about twice a week. But I cook much, much more often than twice a week. I am constantly trying new recipes that I find on other food blogs. Most of the time, these recipes don’t make it on to my blog because, quite frankly, they’re not my own.

But then I started thinking… maybe you guys would enjoy seeing what dishes I have made that I discovered on other blogs. These recipes stuck out to me for one reason or another, so maybe they would appeal to you guys too.

So here I am, sharing recipe inspiration with you. Because these are recipes that you might like to try yourself. I hope you enjoy!

Chewy Gingersnap Chocolate Chip Cookies With Spiced Rum Glaze

Chewy gingersnap and chocolate chip cookies with a spiced rum glaze

I received a box of these cookies as a part of the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2013. They were awesome. My bf has been requesting them ever since. I finally made them for him.
Get the recipe: Chewy gingersnap chocolate chip cookies with spiced rum glaze from The Noshery

Greek Lemon Soup

Greek lemon and egg soup, made by Cheap Recipe Blog

This is an interesting lemon soup that is thickened with eggs. I made it when I was experimenting with lemon recipes for a cooking competition party. The soup was good, but I ended up making a Greek pizza with lemon chutney instead.
Get the recipe: Greek lemon soup (avgolemono) from Alyssa & Clara

Italian Bean Balls

Italian bean balls, made by Cheap Recipe Blog

I am always on the lookout for a good vegetarian recipe that doesn’t cost a lot of money. The base of these Italian bean balls is oat flour and kidney beans – two budget-friendly ingredients. Definitely give these a try. They were flavorful and delicious!
Get the recipe: Italian bean balls from Oh She Glows

Banana Custard Pie With Chocolate

Banana custard pie with chocolate

Banana cream pie is my bf’s favorite dessert, so I decided to make him one for Valentine’s Day. It was insane. Now I think it’s my favorite dessert too. (Please note: I used a plain pie crust instead of the almond crust noted in the original recipe)
Get the recipe: Fudge and banana custard pie from La Fuji Mama

Quick Vegetable Bibimbap

Quick vegetable bibimbap recipe

This recipe wasn’t exactly quick, like the name suggests, but it was delicious. An easy intro to Korean cooking.
Get the recipe: Quick vegetable bibimbap from Coop Recipes

Jalapeño Creamed Spinach

Jalapeno creamed spinach, similar to the Brasa kind

One of my favorite restaurants in St. Paul (Brasa Premium Rotisserie) serves this awesome jalapeño creamed spinach side dish. I recently discovered a copycat recipe from another Minnesota blogger, and had to try it. I cut back a little on the heavy cream, but it was still delicious.
Get the recipeLeft Side Of The Table.

Red Wine Marinated Grapes

Red wine marinated grapes, from Cheap Recipe Blog

Aren’t these fun? I made a batch of red wine marinated grapes for a British-themed bridal shower. The guests loved them!
Get the recipe: Red wine marinated grapes from Feed Me Seymour

Whipped Coconut Cream

Coconut whipped cream

I finally tried making my own whipped coconut cream at home, and it was lovely. Two ingredients is all it takes to make this creamy, dairy-free, and decadent dessert.
Get the recipe: Whipped coconut cream from Shutterbean


The best part? I’m going to keep adding to this list as I make more recipes. So you’ll definitely want to check back to see what new recipes are added. To receive updates as new recipes are added, please like my Facebook page or follow me on Google+.