When it comes to clothing, colors are an interesting thing. What looks stunning on one person can look drab on another. Certain colors can literally make you look sick, while others can make you look younger, fresher, and more vibrant. What to do about it? Keep reading to learn about the benefits of a color consultation.

I had been toying with the idea of doing a color consultation for awhile, after talking with some of my friends who had done one. I recently had the opportunity to meet with Katie of House of Colour Lake Minnetonka to get my colors done.

And I’m super excited about what I learned. This is my House Of Colour testimonial.

Determining your colors through a House of Colour consultation

What Is a Color Consultation?

A color consultation is the process of determining what colors look the best on you.

It’s fun and transformative. In about an hour, the consultant works with you to determine:

  • Which season you are: Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn
  • Your “Wow” colors (colors that look especially good on you)
  • What makeup colors look best on you

What I Learned

After a thorough draping process, where drapes from all 4 seasons were considered, I found out that I’m a Summer. Cool, muted, smoky tones work best for my skin tone.

If you do a HOC consultation, you will be one of these 4 seasons:

  • Summer: Cool + muted
  • Winter: Cool + bright
  • Spring: Warm + Bright
  • Autumn: Warm + muted

Your HOC consultant may also tell you your sub-season (such as dark summer, blue spring, sprinter winter, etc.)

You will get a swatch/fan showing your season’s colors. Keep this handy for future shopping trips.

After the consultation, I went through my closet and found that a bunch of my favorite clothing items were in my season. Coincidence? Maybe not.

I got a color consultation: My colors, from the summer palette

I also went through my closet and identified clothing items that are outside of my season. Not surprisingly, these were pieces that I didn’t love and rarely wore:

I got a color consultation - And these are NOT my colors! Click through to find out more.

The consultation confirmed some things that I already know:

  • Silver jewelry looks better on me than gold
  • I can’t wear black clothing without looking washed out
  • Jewel tones tend to work for my skin tone

But I also learned some new things:

  • I can’t do orange lipstick (see below)
  • I should avoid black mascara and stick to brown
  • There are a lot of colors that I had never considered wearing that actually work for me (duck egg blue, who knew?)

I’m going to be updating this post as time goes on with more learnings. Stay tuned!

Finding The Right Lipstick Shade

Over the years I have purchased SO many orange-hued lipsticks. I loved how alternative yet gorgeous they looked on some people. But coral, tangerine, glossy or matte – none of them worked for me.

Why? During my color consultation, I learned definitively that I have cool-hued skin. Orange shades work for warm skin tones – but they will never work for me.

I wish I had known this before dropping so much cash on orange lipsticks!

I may not be able to pull off orange shades, but you know what? I can rock a raspberry lip. I can even pull off a cherry red. (Take that, orange!)

Choosing the right lipstick shades for your skintone

As a part of the House of Colour consultation, you learn what shades work for your skin tone.

And the best part? You can buy the lipsticks right there. I ended up purchasing three shades recommended by the consultant. They were $20.00 each (this was 2016 price)

I’m currently doing a 2-week lipstick challenge – wearing one of my new lipsticks every time I leave the house. So far I am loving how I feel – the lipsticks really brighten my face and I feel put together even if I’m wearing yoga pants.

(Take it from me: Buy the lipstick.)

House of Colour sells other cosmetics as well. You can buy foundation, blush, bronzer, primer, concealer, eyeliner, lip gloss, and other makeup products – all by season

I got a professional color consultation: Here's what I learned

Final Thoughts: Is It Worth It?

A House of Colour consultation is $195.00 (this is what I paid in 2016 – prices have since increased).

It’s not cheap, but it may be worth it. Here’s my take:

  • A color consultation may be for you if you are interested in making changes to your overall look and want to know what colors look the best on you. When you can easily identify what colors look good on you, the only challenge in shopping is finding clothes that fit.
  • A color consultation may not be for you if you are happy with your wardrobe and not interested in changing your look or sticking to a color palette.
I am so happy I did it. My consultation confirmed some things but also taught me so much.
As much as I hate putting myself out there in a before-and-after fashion, I do want to share these photos to show you how much better the after photo is when I’m wearing the right colors and makeup. These photos were taken about 10 years apart!
Before and after my House of Colour consultation: These photos were taken about 10 years apart! Click through to read my full review.

5 Year Update (2022)

It’s been 5 years since my House of Colour consultation, and I will say that I am 100% happy I did it. It totally changed the way I shop, and my closet is full of clothes in my Summer shades. This is my House Of Colour Review = I’m completely happy with my decision to do it!

Right after my consultation, I felt like I needed to rush out and immediately buy a new wardrobe in my colors. But that wasn’t practical or viable. It has taken me several years to build a wardrobe of pieces that are in my colors and work for me.

It’s a great feeling knowing that pretty much whatever I choose to wear on a given day from my closet, will compliment my skin tone. The best part? I never have to guess again! I won’t buy any more orange or neons. I’ll stay away from black. Major $$ savings right there.

I have even signed up for a House of Color style consultation in May, 2022. I will be updating this page after that is done. Keep scrolling for my style consultation review!

Here’s another before-and-after collage, taken more than 10 years apart. I used to wear black all the time. Now I opt for color!

Before and after House of Colour: These photos were taken more than 10 years apart! Learn more.

Can A Color Consultation Help You Save Money?

Yes, absolutely.
You’re spending a bit of money up front to determine what colors work for you – and which to avoid. But over time, knowing your best colors can help you save money.
Personally, I think I will save money over time because I won’t be buying any more orange lipstick, black shirts, gold jewelry, etc.
I have already started ridding my closet of pieces that don’t work for me. Over time, I hope to build a wardrobe of items in my color palette.
Best of all, I feel great! Suddenly this all makes sense – my clothing colors and my makeup and my skin tone are complimenting each other like they should. I’m ready to embrace my season!

Have you done a color consultation? If so, what did you think?

Are you interested in setting up a consultation with one of the consultants at House of Colour Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota? You can reach them via social media or call or text at 612*306*1580.

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Update: My House Of Colour Style Consultation

In 2022, I did a House of Colour style consultation. 

As I have stated above, my color consultation was 100% worth it. I use what I learned every single day.

My style consultation was not as life-changing for me. I learned that I’m a Natural Romantic, that I need to add more points of interest to my outfits, that I look better in large-scale prints las opposed to small-scale, and that I should emphasize my natural waistline more instead of hiding behind oversized tops.

But overall, I was a bit confused and quite overwhelmed.

If I were to do it again, I would ask my consultant these questions before signing up:

  • What specifically will I learn at style analysis?
  • What resources will you be providing for me to further learn about my style and what looks good on me?
  • What does the follow-up look like? Will you be curating a Pinterest board for me with ideas specific for me? Are you available to answer questions by email or text? 
  • How many style consultations have you done? 

The big reveal in style analysis was the style typing. The 4 of us who went together to the class were all different types.

In our 3 to 4 hour class, we went through a TON of information. I found it a little more difficult to implement the style information versus the color consultation information. I basically dress the same way as I always did, except now I tend to accessorize a bit more.

But all is not lost! I did learn some helpful things and have tried to learn more on my own since my consultation.

Post-Style Tips

I think style consultations have a lot of promise, but there’s no way you can absorb and learn everything in a 3 to 4-hour session. So I recommend doing some additional research post-session. Here are some resources that have been helpful to me:

Also, consider following HOC consultants in your season and style personality, as well as HOC clients who post season-specific fashion content. We can all learn from each other!