Keto cauliflower tots: Cheesy, crispy, with a kick. These healthy bites are ADDICTING!

Cheesy Keto Cauliflower Tots

Testimonial: I have made these keto cauliflower tots three times in the last 10 days. They’re THAT good… trust me! These snacks are a...

The best basic scrambled eggs: How to make perfect scrambled eggs every time. Click through for recipe!

The Ultimate Guide To Making (Perfect) Scrambled Eggs

If there’s one dish that’s worth mastering, it’s scrambled eggs. Why? They’re cheap. You can feed yourself for under a dollar – or you...

Smoky whiskey chili: This chili has it all - smokiness, spice, sweetness, and that whiskey undertone. Click through for recipe!

Smoky Whiskey Chili

The best restaurant I never ate at was Dux & Co., in Dublin, Ireland. I went to Dublin in 2014 with two friends. One...

Sticky honey curry chicken: A quick pan-fried chicken recipe with an addictive, sticky/sweet sauce!

Sticky Honey Curry Chicken

Looking for a fast chicken recipe that tastes great? I’ve got you covered with this sticky honey curry chicken. First, let’s talk about the...

Swedish meatballs: My grandma's recipe. It's epic. Try it out!

Swedish Meatballs

Here is a classic Swedish meatball recipe with two interesting twists:

Game day pulled pork nachos: The perfect nachos to feed a crowd at a football watching party!

Game Day Pulled Pork Nachos

This is a sponsored post for Dorothy Lynch dressing & condiment. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Everyone should have a great nacho...

How to make crispy polenta fries: Such an easy and cheap recipe, but it's a crowd-pleaser!

How To Make Crispy Polenta Fries

 I have two reasons for you to make these crispy polenta fries today: They’re extremely cheap: Polenta is one of the most budget-friendly foods...