Leftover turkey and cranberry salsa nachos: Perhaps the best use of leftover Thanksgiving foods. So yummy!

Leftover Turkey And Cranberry Salsa Nachos

Does anyone else love Thanksgiving leftovers as much as the Thanksgiving meal itself? Every year, I intentionally make more than my guests will eat...

Hungarian mushroom soup: Creamy, delicious mushroom soup with unique flavors added!

Hungarian Mushroom Soup

In my experience, people either love mushrooms or hate them.  If you’re in the mushroom lover camp, then I have a great recipe for...

Norwegian Almond Cake: One of my favorite cakes, hands down. Click through for recipe.

Norwegian Almond Cake

If you love trying out Norwegian/Scandinavian recipes, I’ve got a treat for you: Norwegian almond cake. This cake is one of my favorites –...

Sweet corn spoon bread: Perhaps the best way to eat sweet corn. Makes a great side dish or chili accompaniment.

Sweet Corn Spoon Bread

I’m a Midwestern girl, and corn recipes are near and dear to my heart. This sweet corn spoon bread is hands down one of...

How to make homemade apple cider ice pops: Hint, it's CRAZY easy! Click through for recipe.

How To Make Apple Cider Pops

Today’s recipe isn’t much of a recipe. It’s more of an idea. A how-to. A bit of background: A popular food item at the...

Mom's meatloaf recipe: It's famous in our family! Find out why.

Simple Meatloaf (With Oatmeal And Veggies)

Meatloaf is a cheap and easy meal that feeds a crowd. What makes this particular meatloaf recipe (thanks mom!) so good?

Frozen sushi from ALDI: Find out how I rated it - ALDI Sushi review.

Taste Testing ALDI Products

I love ALDI. It’s one of my favorite places to get cheap groceries, which helps me save a lot of money on food. Usually,...