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Carrots are one of the most budget-friendly vegetables out there. You can often find a 1-lb bag of carrots for right around $1.00. Talk about a cheap vegetable option!

But now that you’ve bought the cheap carrots, what are you going to do with them?

There are SO many options.

Obviously, you can just eat them plain. Or with hummus or ranch dressing. For best results, I recommend peeling the carrots, cutting into sticks, and storing in water for maximum hydration. There’s nothing worse than dried-out carrots!

Then, I’d recommend trying something new and delicious like the mashed potato carrots with bacon. This is a German dish that is absolutely incredible… it sounds too simple to be incredible, but trust me!

Next, try the shoestring salad, featuring carrots as the main attraction.

Also, try the raw carrot cake if you like carrot cake, carrots, cake, or healthy sweets recipes in general. You’d never know this was a “healthy dessert” recipe. So delicious.

Enjoy these carrot recipes from Cheap Recipe Blog!