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Here is a very diverse group of drink recipes, from Cheap Recipe Blog.

The submarino is a drink that is popular in Argentina. It’s a fun take on hot chocolate. You add a piece of chocolate to steamed milk – stir, and voila!

The non-alcoholic gløgg is a Norwegian recipe that is popular around the holidays. It’s often made with alcohol, but I like this non-alcoholic version so kids and adults alike can partake in this fun tradition.

Another interesting post, if you’re trying to cut down on coffee or caffeine, is the “Exploring coffee alternatives” post. I know many people are looking to cut down on coffee and/or caffeine – but still love the taste or morning ritual. These are some of my favorite options.

If you’re looking to wow your party guests, serve infused water! This is a super simple way to add pizzazz to any party or meal. You can add different fruit, vegetables and herbs to add some mild flavor to drinking water.

Enjoy these budget-friendly drink recipes from Cheap Recipe Blog.