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When it comes to fruit, there are endless possibilities to make something that’s already good into something even better!

First things first, let’s address ways to save money on fruit. Frozen fruit is usually the most budget-friendly way to purchase fruit. It is a great fit for yogurt, smoothies, baked fruit dishes, fruit sauces, and much more. While freezing fruit does change the texture of the fruit, don’t count it out. It’s usually delicious.

Second, know what fruits are naturally more budget-friendly. Bananas, for example, are usually really cheap, while blueberries and raspberries are typically not. You can usually find apples, pears, oranges, grapefruit, and grapes at a good price. Fill the bulk of your fruit drawer with budget-friendly fruits and sprinkle in some of the more expensive fruits at your discretion.

Third, purchase fruit in-season. Buy apples at the farmers’ market in the fall, for example. While it’s usually possible to get any kind of fruit any time of the year in the grocery store, it’s makes more sense economically and environmentally to buy what’s in season where you live.

No on to the articles: Learn how to freeze fruit the proper way. Next time you find fruit on sale, stock up and keep this method of freezing in mind.

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And a reader favorite recipe is the fruit pizza. You can either make homemade crust or use refrigerated sugar cookie dough.