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Here, you’ll find some unique ideas for grilling – that also happen to be low cost.

You won’t learn how to grill here – I’m going to leave that in the hands of more experienced grill masters. But these ideas will give you some fresh inspiration for using your favorite outdoor/summertime cooking vessel.

The ring bologna and grilled vegetable kebabs is a great recipe for grilling starters. The ring bologna is already cooked, so you only need to grill it to heat it up. Simple!

The BBQ sweet corn isn’t your typical grilled sweet corn recipe. The corn is flavored BEFORE it hits the grill, so the seasonings really get into the corn for maximum flavor.

And the DIY hot dog bar is a FUN idea for any summertime cookout. A variety of hot dog toppings make for really unique options when it comes to upping your hot dog game.

Enjoy these creative and budget-friendly grilling options from Cheap Recipe Blog!