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Want to start saving a ton of money on food? Start incorporating more lentils into your diet!

Where do you start? With some delicious and simple lentil recipes, like these from Cheap Recipe Blog.

For starters, learn how to make a batch of homemade lentils. There are a few tricks to help ensure they’re prepared perfectly.

My personal favorite lentil recipe is the lentil, grape, and Feta salad recipe. It’s a bit unusual because there are hints of sweetness – from the grapes and from the honey in the dressing. Most lentil recipes I’ve made and come across are totally savory.

The three lentil soup recipes are great and so low-cost – great for the colder months!

And the lentil dip is a fun and unique party appetizer.

You really can’t go wrong here – these are all incredibly cheap recipes that taste great. Enjoy!