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Strawberries are tasty on their own. But strawberries are probably my favorite fruit to cook with.

If you’re looking for cheap and tasty strawberry recipes, start by reading the 50 Cheap Strawberry Recipes post. There, you’ll find lots of dessert recipes featuring strawberries – but also a lot of interesting savory recipes that make great use of sweet, tart strawberries.

The chocolate-covered strawberries made in an ice cube tray is a recipe that has been viewed thousands and thousands of times. My guess is that people can’t resist such a SIMPLE recipe that is a show-stopper. Minimal effort required to make homemade chocolate-covered strawberries.

The balsamic-strawberry lentil salad is a good savory recipe perfect for a summer picnic or potluck. With lentils as a base, this recipe is super affordable.