Create a date night snack board – ideal for two people – without spending a lot of money. This snack board is ideal for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day snack board for two: Learn how to assemble a mini grazing board for your Valentine!

There’s a snack board for every occasion.

Including Valentine’s Day!

This snack board (or grazing board) is perfectly suited for Valentine’s Day, featuring a variety of red and pink-hued eats.

It’s also perfectly suited for two people – but can easily be modified to feed more.

And most importantly: This is a cheap Valentine’s Day idea that anyone can make!

How to assemble a Valentine's Day snack board for two people. Click through for instructions!

Snack Board Essentials

There are many, many options for creating a Valentine’s Day snack board. But there are two things you’ll want to keep in mind to make a great board:

  • Include both savory and sweet treats
  • Include red and pink foods

Pick a pretty tray or appetizer platter and you’re ready to go.

What Goes On A Valentine’s Snack Board?

Here’s what I included on mine:

  • Beet crackers: Beet crackers are beautifully red-hued and quite neutral in flavor. I purchased mine at Trader Joe’s but they are available in most grocery stores.
  • Spanish chorizo: While any type of sausage/salami will work, I like the color (and flavor!) of Spanish chorizo for this particular snack board.
  • Cheese: Pink cheese for Valentine’s Day may be hard to find, but to keep the theme going look for a cheese that contains cranberries, or even a cheese with a red wax coating. (I included smoked gouda on my board.)
  •  Strawberries or other red fruit: Strawberries are synonymous with Valentine’s Day – consider including chocolate-covered strawberries. Otherwise, consider including cherries, raspberries or pomegranate arils.
  • Candied popcorn: I found a festive bag of red, pink, and white popcorn at Home Goods. You can also make your own colored popcorn.
  • Heart-shaped foods: You can find heart-shaped chocolates, candies, gummies and other foods in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day.
  • Other red and pink foods: Beet hummus, radishes, red bell pepper slices, dragon fruit slices,  red jam, pink macarons, and colored candy are all good options.
  • Drinks: Red or white wine or a pink or red cocktail are good alcoholic options. Non-alcoholic options include sparkling grape juice, kombucha, fruit juice or sparkling water.A Valentine's Day snack board: Red, pink, and white snacks perfect for a Valentine's Day celebration.

Money-Saving Tip

Use what you already have! Shop your fridge and pantry to find foods or drinks appropriate for this snack board.

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Learn how to create a Valentine's Day snack board, perfect for two people!

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