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I love sushi SO VERY much. But I don’t eat it very often, because it’s so expensive.

My fix? I make my own sushi at home, in various forms! This is the least expensive way to enjoy sushi. And it’s easy to learn how to do.

If you want genuine sushi rolls, check out the California roll or the chicken teriyaki sushi roll recipes, below. These are tried-and-true recipes that result in a delicious sushi roll – and they cost about $1.40/$1.50 per sushi roll. Compare that price to what you’ll pay at the grocery store or in a sushi restaurant! Huge savings.

If you want all the flavors of sushi but not all the work, check out the poke bowl or sushi bowl recipes. All the ingredients are there, but instead of made into a sushi roll, it’s all served in a bowl.

To save money on making sushi at home, remember to inventory your fridge, freezer, and pantry for ingredients. Frozen edamame, shrimp, chicken, avocado, pickled vegetables, cucumber, fried onions – these are all suitable ingredients for making a delicious sushi roll or bowl.

Enjoy these affordable sushi recipes from Cheap Recipe Blog!