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Here you’ll find a mix of two things:
Thanksgiving recipes (stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc.)
Thanksgiving leftover recipes

For Thanksgiving recipes, start with the applesauce stuffing. This is my all-time favorite stuffing recipe that is super easy and very cheap to make.

The mashed potato hacks is a must-read if you want to up your mashed potato game. There are lots of easy-to-implement tips to make your mashed potatoes taste better.

The true money saving happens when you make use of your Thanksgiving leftovers.

Below you’ll find recipes to make use of leftover Thanksgiving foods, including all the favorites including turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.

A few favorites: Thanksgiving croquettes (breaded and fried deliciousness!), leftover turkey nachos (with cranberry salsa), and turkey chili.

You can eat your Thanksgiving leftovers the traditional way – or you can repurpose them and make them into something new, unique, and delicious. Enjoy!