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Canned tuna is an affordable pantry staple. I always have a few cans of tuna on hand to use for last-minute recipes and meals.

Where to start?

Check out both the punched-up tuna salad and the tuna melts in a bowl for classic tuna salad/tuna melt flavors.

If you’re into Midwestern hotdish recipes, then you have to try the tuna noodle hotdish! This one is hearty and perfect for feeding a crowd.

Finally, the spicy tuna bowls and the tuna corn cakes are more modern takes on canned tuna.

Wondering what kind of tuna to buy at the grocery store? Canned tuna is sold water-packed or oil-packed. I typically buy water-packed tuna to avoid adding extra oil to recipes. But oil-packed tuna is more decadent. Use your best judgement here!

Otherwise, albacore and yellowtail tuna are typically more mild than the traditional StarKist chunk light tuna. Any variety will work in these recipes, from Cheap Recipe Blog.