Sriracha sauce is great on its own. But one of the best things about it is its versatility. Sriracha sauce combined with different sauces and ingredients makes for some totally unique and flavorful sauces. Keep reading for my Top 5 favorites.

Top 5 Sriracha-Based Sauces. Just when you thought sriracha sauce couldn't get any better. Click through for recipes!

I’m a little bit obsessed with sriracha sauce.

Sriracha sauce is a hot sauce that is made out of simple enough ingredients: chili, sugar, salt, garlic, and distilled vinegar.

But what it does to a dish is nothing short of amazing.

The srirachaTop 5 Sriracha-Based Sauces: Click through for all 5 (easy!) recipes.

The Sriracha Sauce Shortage

The sriracha sauce shortage of 2023, brought on by droughts in Mexico, has bottles of Huy Fong Foods sriracha sauce selling for as much as $120 per bottle.

You might have to settle for an off-brand sriracha sauce for now. While the taste may not be the same, other brands of sriracha sauce can benefit from the ideas listed below, which combine sriracha with other sauces and ingredients.

Basic Ways To Eat Sriracha Sauce

Sriracha sauce is awesome on its own. Here are some delicious ways to enjoy it plain:

  • On fried rice
  • On pizza
  • On fried eggs
  • On an amazingly fluffy omelette
  • In homemade Chex Mix (add some sriracha sauce to the buttery seasoning sauce and toss it with the cereal)
  • Mixed with melted butter and drizzled on popcorn
  • Mixed into soups, chili or pasta sauces
  • Mixed into tuna salad or deviled egg filling
  • Mixed into brownie batter or chocolate ganache to give dessert an extra kick

But when I’m feeling like I want something a little extra, I mix sriracha sauce with other sauces and/or condiments such as these:Top 5 Sriracha-Based Sauces: Mixing Sriracha sauce with other sauces makes for some major awesomeness.

This is where the magic happens.

Top 5 Sriracha-Based Sauces

After much trial and error and delicious experimenting, I’ve come up with my five favorite sauces with sriracha as the base:

Top 5 Sriracha-Based Sauces: Mixing sriracha with other sauces makes for some amazing flavor. Repin to save!

1: Sriracha and Mayonnaise

  • Heat level: 1/5 (This a great combination to make sriracha sauce less spicy)
  • How to use it:
  • How to make it: Mix two parts mayo with one part sriracha sauce + a pinch of sugar

2: Sriracha and Ranch Dressing (or Sri-rancha)

  • Heat level: 1/5 (This sauce helps tone down sriracha sauce for those who don’t like it too spicy)
  • How to use it:
  • How to make it: Mix three parts ranch dressing with one part sriracha sauce + a squeeze of lemon (recipe adapted from Richard Blais)

3: Sriracha and Honey Butter

  • Heat level: 2/5
  • How to use it:
    • On toasted bread
    • On cornbread (and served with chili)
    • As a glaze for chicken or grilled vegetables
    • As a glaze for spiced nuts
  • How to make it: Mix two parts softened butter with one part sriracha sauce and one part honey

4: Sriracha and Honey

5: Sriracha and Ketchup

  • Heat level: 4/5
  • How to use it:
  • How to make it: Mix three parts ketchup with one part sriracha sauce

Sriracha-based sauces with sweet potato fries

Making Sriracha Sauce Less Spicy

Like the flavor of sriracha sauce but find it too spicy? Then try options 1 and 2, above.

Mixing sriracha sauce with creamy mayonnaise or ranch dressing helps tone down the spiciness, but still leaves you with a sauce that’s flavorful and addictive.

Sriracha Sauce: The Cost

Another great thing about sriracha sauce (a.k.a. rooster sauce)?

Affordability. I paid right around $3.00 for the big bottle pictured above.

For a sriracha-sauce fanatic like me, this typically lasts about three months. This is a cheap way to add extra flavor and pizzazz to a dish.

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