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One thing I’ve learned in my cooking experience is to never underestimate the chickpea.

First and foremost, like other beans, chickpeas are extremely affordable. You can buy a can of chickpeas for right around $1.00. If you know you’ll eat a lot of chickpeas, the more budget-friendly option is to purchased dried beans and cook them yourself, and freeze for future use.

What kinds of cheap recipes can you make with chickpeas? There are SO many options!

First, roasted chickpeas (garbanzo beans, below) make a great snack. The key is to roast them long enough so they become totally crunchy all the way through. Seriously. Don’t undercook them (see recipe for detailed instructions!)

You’ll definitely want to try making homemade hummus as well. Check out the pumpkin hummus or chipotle hummus recipes, below. Or look for a plain hummus recipe elsewhere online.

Finally, for something with a lot of pizzazz, try the Indian-spiced chickpea and peanut salad. It’s one of those FUN recipes that are creative and full of flavor. It’s inspired by a food truck find I discovered in Vancouver.

Enjoy these chickpea/garbanzo bean recipes from Cheap Recipe Blog!