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Pita bread

It’s time to take another look at the humble bag of pita bread.

Why? Because there are so many different ways to use it.

My favorite pita bread hack is to use it as a quick, ready-to-go pizza crust. If you want pizza on the fly, use a round of pita bread as the crust. You’ll find two recipes, below. My #1 favorite is the bruschetta-style pita pizza.

If you have leftover pita bread, you can either bake it or fry it to make your own pita chips. You can add different spices to make flavorful homemade pita chips. Making them into chips also extends their shelf life. Before you toss that almost-expired pita bread, make it into chips!

There are so many other ways to use pita bread: To make sandwiches, torn apart and used as a vessel for hummus and other dips, made into chips or crackers and used as croutons, etc.

Pita bread is cheap and versatile. Use it in so many creative ways!