Salad on bread: Watermelon, Feta, and arugula salad served on focaccia bread. So easy - so delicious for an effortless meal!

I love a good salad.

But after eating salad for a meal, I’m often left in that “not quite satisfied” place that leads to heavy snacking two hours later.

The fix?

Serving salad on bread. It’s a cheap and easy way to make your salad more filling – and interesting.

Watermelon-Feta salad: Turn this simple salad into a meal by serving on fresh focaccia bread. Click through for recipe!

Salad On Bread: The Bread

What kind of bread should you serve salad on? Here are some ideas:

  • Warm focaccia
  • Grilled baguette or French bread
  • Toasted pita bread
  • Crostini
  • Flatbread

No matter what bread you use, make sure it’s toasted or grilled with plenty of olive oil on top.

A refreshing Watermelon & Feta salad served on warm focaccia bread. Click through for recipe!

Bread gets a bad rap – and maybe you’re not looking to add any more bread into your diet.

In that case, save this idea for entertaining. Serving salad on top of bread is a chic and budget-friendly idea. Your guests will gush!


A refreshing Watermelon & Feta salad served on warm focaccia bread. Click through for recipe!

Watermelon, Feta & Arugula Salad

Yield: 4 servings
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

Most kinds of vegetable-based salads will work. Avoid pasta salads, which can get kind of heavy. I bought a side of focaccia bread at my local pizzeria for about $2.00.


For dressing

  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 teaspoons honey
  • Juice from 1/2 lime
  • Salt, to taste

For salad

  • 1 cup watermelon, cut into bite-sized cubes
  • 4 cups arugula
  • 1/2 cup Feta cheese
  • Bread of your choice (see above)


  1. Whisk dressing ingredients together until it emulsifies and thickens.
  2. Toss salad ingredients together with dressing.
  3. Serve on top of bread of choice.

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