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Vegan cooking can be so delicious, so flavorful – and so affordable!

When you cut out meat and animal products, you also cut out a lot of extra money spent on food. Throughout the year, you can save a significant amount of money while sticking to a vegan diet.

The key is knowing what to make. Here are a variety of vegan recipes, including vegan breakfasts, lunch, dinner, and snack ideas.

Check out the black bean sloppy Joes – a reader favorite. Or the kung pao cauliflower – but only if you like flavor and a little kick. Or the tomato and lentil soup – an incredibly cheap recipe that will feed a crowd.

Affordable vegan foods include beans, potatoes, oats, frozen vegetables and fruits, tortillas, pasta, tofu, and rice. These staple ingredients are the base of so many great vegan meals. You just have to get creative!

Enjoy these budget-friendly vegan recipes that are free of dairy, meat, and other animal products, from Cheap Recipe Blog.