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Here are a wide variety of salad recipes. Including both healthy salad recipes, and more home-style recipes that are perfect for picnics and potlucks.

The common theme here is flavor. These aren’t boring salads. They’re unique and delicious, and of course, budget-friendly.

Where to start? The butternut squash pasta salad is a winner. Butternut squash pasta is mixed with poppyseed dressing and delicious add-ins. Perfect to wow your lunch guests.

The paleo chicken BLT salad is hearty. You don’t leave hungry after indulging in this salad.

The cheap wedge salad is also delicious – and costs just 89 cents per serving.

And the most popular? The lentil, feta, grape, and walnut salad has been a reader favorite for years. Give it a try yourself!

Check out this variety of delicious, healthy, and budget-friendly salad recipes from Cheap Recipe Blog.