Scandinavian snack board: Delicious Nordic snacks make up this party-ready snack board.Charcuterie boards are great.

But charcuterie boards are everywhere, and I’m guessing you already know how to assemble one.

How about this for an idea? A Scandinavian snack board.

New, unique, and delicious. A celebration of some delicious traditional and new Scandinavian foods, in this case, from Norway and Sweden.

Why Create A Snack Board?

1: Snack boards are GREAT for entertaining. Even the pickiest of eaters will find something they like.

2: Snack boards are easy to assemble. There’s minimal cooking or baking involved. We’re all about assembling here.

A collection of Scandinavian snacks, perfect for entertaining! Click through for recipe and ideas.

What You’ll Need To Assemble A Scandinavian Snack Board

Here’s what I included in my Nordic snack board:

Lefse: I purchased delicious homemade lefse (potato flatbread, spread with butter and sprinkled with sugar) from Jacob’s Lefse Bakeri in Osakis, Minnesota. You can also make it at home with this beginners lefse recipe.

Norwegian flatbread (flatbrod): These cracker-like flatbreads can be eaten on their own, or you can pile on the cheese. Get the flatbread recipe.

Norwegian gjetost cheese: Is it cheese or is it caramel? If you’ve never tried this cheese, it’s time to indulge. Trust me on this one!

Anna’s Swedish Ginger Thin Cookies: These cookies are available in many grocery stores. They’re thin, subtly sweet, and quite affordable. I purchased a box for about $3.00. Buy on Amazon hereAnna’s Swedish ginger thins

Swedish Dala Horse gummies: These cute candies are a great sweet addition to this board. Buy them on Amazon here: Swedish Dala horse gummies

Fruit: Include some Scandinavian fruits like cherries, apples, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and cloudberries, if you can find them.

Nuts: Almonds work well on this board.

Meat/protein: Cut up a few beef (or other meat) sticks, or smoked salmon sticks. (I like these smoked salmon maple sticks)

Remember: This board is customizable. Here are some additional ideas to consider:

  • Smoked salmon or herring
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Open-faced sandwiches
  • Traditional Norwegian or Swedish (or Danish or Finnish!) cookies

Lefse and other Scandinavian snacks make up this delicious snack board. Click through for ideas!

Norwegian Julebord

This snack board is perfect for serving as an appetizer at a Norwegian julebord (Christmas table).

A juleboard is a feast or banquet that happens during the Christmas season in Norway. It’s also common in Sweden (julbord) and Denmark (julefrokost).

Typically, each guest will bring a Christmas dish or drink to share with the group, buffet-style. Sounds like fun to me!

More Scandinavian Recipes

Looking for some traditional Norwegian recipes? I’ve got you covered!

Scandinavian snack board: Get ideas for assembling a delicious, crowd-pleasing Nordic snack board!

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