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Corn is a versatile and budget-friendly food. There are so many great things you can make with corn. Here I’m sharing some of my favorite cheap corn-based recipes.

Where to start? Honestly, I highly recommend the pastel de choclo recipe. If you’ve never heard of it, make it anyway. It’s a famous dish in Chile that consists of a ground beef mixture on the bottom and a creamy, slightly sweetened corn-based topping. It’s delicious.

Also, check out reader favorites BBQ sweet corn (this is not your typical BBQ sweet corn recipe!) and the polenta fries.

In the summer, fresh sweet corn can’t be beat. But frozen sweet corn is very tasty and versatile. And it’s also very cheap. I can often find a bag of frozen sweet corn for about $1.00. I always have a bag of frozen corn stocked in my freezer.

Enjoy these budget-friendly corn recipes from Cheap Recipe Blog!