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Norwegian recipes

Are you looking for traditional Norwegian recipes? I’m talking about the recipes that are popular in the United States, inspired by old Norwegian recipes, brought over to the United States, and made with love by Norwegian grandmothers everywhere.

Since you’re here, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about!

As someone with Norwegian ancestry, growing up in a very Norwegian hometown, with a loving grandmother who grew up speaking Norwegian in the home, these recipes are near and dear to my heart.

Some reader favorites are the potato klub, lefse (potato flatbread), rommegrot, and Norwegian almond cake.

Most of these recipes call for basic ingredients: Flour, cream, eggs, sugar, almond flavoring, etc. They’re delicious in their simplicity. And they’re also quite affordable.

I would also recommend trying the pepperkaker cookies (they’re deliciously spiced), the flatbread, the almond kringler, and my Norwegian grandma’s meatball recipe.

I hope you enjoy these traditional Norwegian recipes as much as I have enjoyed making them and writing about them. This allows me to share such a special part of me with people like you who also connect with their Norwegian ancestry through food.