Check out The $10 Food Day #4, which features 3 meal recipes + 1 snack, which all together costs less than $10 for the whole day!
The $10 Food Day #4. Four cheap recipes to feed four people. Repin to save!

Woohoo! The $10 Food Day #4 is now complete.

If you’re unfamiliar, the $10 Food Day is a one-day menu plan featuring four recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack), all for less than $10.

This is ideal for families looking to majorly cut down on their food budget, while still eating wholesome, delicious meals.

Total Cost For All 4 Recipes: $8.67

The total for all recipes included in the $10 Food Day #4 is $8.67:
  • Breakfast: $2.37
  • Lunch: $1.70
  • Dinner: $3.47
  • Snack: $1.13
So technically, that’s less than what is required of the $10 Food Day. But The $8.67  Food Day just doesn’t have a ring to it.

The $10 Food Day #4 Menu

I am particularly excited about this menu. For one, those banana sushi rolls. So, so good!
I had also wanted to try slow-cooker oatmeal for awhile now, and this recipe didn’t disappoint. The best thing about the slow-cooker oatmeal is the ability to customize it. Feel free to add chopped nuts, fruit, honey, coconut – or whatever else sounds good.
The potato soup is super creamy without added fat. And the egg boats are a creative way to make a meal out of pantry staples. I hope you enjoy this menu as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Breakfast: Slow-Cooker Apple Oatmeal

Throw your ingredients in a crock pot at night, and you will wake up to a hot breakfast. Total cost, $2.37. Get the recipe here.
Slow cooker apple oatmeal, feed 4 people for less than $10 a day!

Lunch: Creamy Potato Soup

A healthy potato soup costs just $1.70 for four servings. Get the recipe here.
Creamy, healthy baked potato soup recipe, part of the $10 Food Day #4

Dinner: Bacon-Veggie Egg Boats

You can’t go wrong with breakfast for dinner. Total cost, $3.47. Get the recipe here.

Bacon-veggie egg boats, part of the $10 Food Day from Cheap Recipe Blog

Snack: Banana “Sushi Rolls”

Banana, chocolate, and peanut butter is always a good idea. Total cost, just $1.13. Get the recipe here.

Banana sushi rolls, part of the $10 Food Day series, from

Balancing Your Diet

My goal with the $10 Food Day is not to provide a perfectly healthy and nutrient-balanced menu.
I try my best, but I’m not a nutritionist and I’m dealing with a $10 budget. I trust that you will use the $10 Food Day recipes as a starting point, and supplement your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables and other foods to make this work for your family.

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