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Nothing warms the belly (and the soul!) quite like casserole.

Here is a collection of hearty, crowd-pleasing casserole recipes.

One of the common themes of a casserole is the use of hearty, budget-friendly ingredients like pasta, rice, and canned soups. Now, there are a million different variations and combinations of these ingredients.

Where to start? My personal favorite is the cheesy corn hotdish. This simple combination of foods results in something absolutely delicious.

A reader favorite is the ring bologna hotdish. Another surprising combination of ingredients that blend wonderfully together.

Are casseroles and hotdishes the same thing? In my opinion, they’re slightly different. Hotdish is more of a midwestern team/dish, and casserole is used nationwide. Hotdish may be more likely to contain condensed soups. Casserole is perhaps a more encompassing term (think green bean casserole).

Enjoy these hearty, budget-friendly casserole recipes!