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Pasta is an extremely budget-friendly food item. Here are a bunch of cheap pasta recipes to keep your pasta recipe repertoire fresh.

First, check out the many hotdish recipes that feature pasta. Typically, the pasta is cooked in water, then mixed with other ingredients (meat, vegetables, canned soup, etc.) and baked in the oven. These are hearty, budget-friendly recipes that will feed a family.

The red wine pasta sauce is a great recipe to make if you have a bit of leftover red wine to use up.

The pepperoni mac & cheese is a recipe that kids and adults will love. You can also mix pepperoni with the lightened-up stovetop mac & cheese for a lighter option.

The parsley pesto recipe is a budget-friendly alternative to traditional pesto made with basil. Parsley is generally cheaper than basil, but makes for an equally delicious and fresh pesto which can be mixed with pasta or added to a variety of other dishes.

Learn many ways to enjoy budget-friendly pasta in new and delicious ways!