Here are 7 cheap recipe tips to help you save money on food. Don’t wait – start saving today.7 Cheap Recipe Tips from Cheap Recipe Blog

Let’s be clear. Food costs a lot of money.

Personally, when I look at my credit card statement every month, it’s clear that my biggest expense is food. Clearly, budget cooking is important to me, but I still find myself spending a lot of money at the grocery store and eating at restaurants.

If you are looking to reduce your grocery bill, here are some tips that will serve you well. By making a few easy changes, you can save money and still enjoy your favorite foods. I know because I do it all the time!

Saving Money on Food and Groceries: 7 Tips

Embrace From-Scratch Cooking

Cooking from scratch is usually cheaper than buying prepared frozen meals, ready-made grocery store foods, and convenience foods.  It is almost always cheaper than eating meals out. It can also be much healthier, because you avoid preservatives and control what goes into your food.

Avoid Recipes With A Lot Of Ingredients

It’s simple math: The more ingredients in a recipe, the more it costs. And sometimes simpler is better. Some of my favorite recipes are easy to make and don’t require a long list of ingredients.

Know When To Substitute

Think of a recipe as a guideline and not a strict formula. More often than not, swapping one similar ingredient for another won’t ruin the recipe. But be smart about substituting. While substituting works in many recipes, it’s generally not a good idea in baking. Whenever possible, I will try to list substitutions in my recipes.

Use What You Already Have

Use what you already have – Save money – and a trip to the grocery store – by using ingredients that you already have on hand. Also, be sure to check what you already have in your cupboards or fridge before you go to the grocery store. There’s nothing worse than getting home with a box of baking soda only to realize that you already have three additional open boxes sitting on the shelf.

Buy Kitchen Supplies Second-Hand

I find the best deals for cooking and baking supplies at garage sales and thrift stores. Why pay $15 for a cake pan when you can find a like-new one for $1 at a garage sale? If you’re new to the second-hand shopping world, you will be amazed at what you can find and how much you will save.

Pay With Cash

When shopping for groceries, set a budget and pay with cash. Credit cards are convenient, but it is easy to lose track of what you are spending. When cash is your only option, you are forced to stay within your budget.

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