50 Cheap Easter Recipes

Easter is right around the corner, and I’m excited to celebrate the holiday with my family and cook a traditional meal.

Typically, I wait until the last minute to plan my Easter menu, scrambling the night before to find recipes and grocery shop. But this year, I’m ahead of the game.

I’ve spent some time combing the web and browsing some of my favorite blogs for cheap Easter recipes. Here are some ideas – 50, in fact – to help you cook a fabulous Easter meal without spending a lot of money:

Breakfast and Brunch

The best basic scrambled eggs: How to make perfect scrambled eggs every time. Click through for recipe!

Easter Main Dishes

Scalloped potatoes and ham: The extra creamy, curdle-free recipe. Click through for instructions!

Vegetarian Easter Recipes

Side Dishes

How to make raisin sauce for ham. Pantry staples make up this simple sauce that's perfect for your Easter ham.


Lentil, grape, feta, walnut salad recipe: SUCH a wonderful blend of flavors and textures. You have to try this recipe!


Perfect dinner rolls recipe. My great aunt's family-famous recipe. Click through for instructions!

Desserts and Easter Treats

Cheap recipes for Easter from Cheap Recipe Blog