Don’t get overwhelmed shopping at Penzeys Spices: Here are some of my favorite spices and spice blends.My 7 Favorite Food items at Penzeys Spices

When it comes to most things in life, you get what you pay for. This applies in cooking as well.

While I’ll always advocate for shopping around, spending wisely, and cutting corners whenever possible, there are some food items that are worth paying more for.

At the top of that list: Spices.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite food items – spices and other products – that I regularly purchase at Penzeys Spices.

This post is not sponsored by Penzeys. I am writing this simply because I think Penzeys sells superior products. I know that their ingredients make my food taste better – and I know that they can make your food taste better too.

Spices for sweet and spicy meat rub recipe

My 7 Favorite Items At Penzeys Spices

7: Rogan Josh Seasoning

I don’t do too much Indian cooking, but when I do, I use this spice blend. For those who are new to Indian cooking and don’t want to buy a bunch of new seasonings, give this all-purpose one a try. Use it in:

6: Smoked Spanish Paprika

In addition to smelling amazing, this spice adds a great smokiness to a wide range of dishes. A little goes a long way! Use it in:

5: Fajita Seasoning

This seasoning is great in any Mexican-style recipe. It is perfectly blended with just the right amount of spiciness. Use it in:

4: Italian Herb Mix

This is a great all-purpose seasoning that adds a little something-something to so many dishes Sprinkle some on top of a green salad or pizza, use in pasta sauces, and use it in:

Try a similar blend for yourself: Penzey’s Spices Tuscan Sunset Italian Seasoning (4.0 oz)

3: Shallot Salt

This beautiful salt adds a hint mild onion flavor to any dish. You can use this spice in place of salt in most savory dishes. (It makes the best scrambled eggs!) Use it in:

2: Granulated Garlic Powder

This is the best garlic powder I’ve ever used. I often use it in place of fresh garlic in all types of savory dishes. It adds great flavor without all the hassle of fresh garlic. Use it in:

1: Dutch Process High Fat Cocoa

This is by far my favorite product from Penzeys. This cocoa powder takes baked goods and other chocolate dishes to the next level. You will notice a major taste improvement in chocolate cakes, cookies, and brownies. It’s spendy, but so worth it. Use it in:

Try it for yourselfCocoa Lovers’ 4 Jar Gift Pack from Penzeys

Tips For Saving Money at Penzeys Spices

  • Get the Penzeys catalog: Make sure to grab a copy of their catalog in store or sign up to receive the catalog by mail. There is sometimes a coupon inside for a free spice (yay!) or a discount. You can also sign up for their emails which sometimes contain a coupon code. Bonus: The catalog is full of recipes!
  • Buy larger amounts for greater savings: If you know you’re going to use a lot of a certain spice/product (cocoa to make brownies and cake, for example) buy a larger amount. For new or unfamiliar spices, buy a small jar before you invest in a larger amount.
  • Save your spice jars: Once you are done using a jar of a certain spice, save it. Then, next time you go to Penzeys, you can buy a bag of the spice (which is cheaper per ounce) and use it to fill up (and refill) the original jar.

Now it’s your turn: What are your favorite Penzeys spices? Please let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to follow along on Instagram for new recipes, shopping tips, and other good stuff.