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The humble potato is the base of SO MANY great recipes and meals. Here, you’ll find a wide variety of budget-friendly potato recipes that serve as appetizers, side dishes, and main courses.

My favorite potato recipe? The super-crispy oven-baked breakfast potato. A secret ingredient makes for the crispiest oven-baked potatoes you’ll ever eat.

The potato dumplings are a nod to my Norwegian heritage. Potatoes are mixed with simple ingredients to make for delectable dumplings, topped generously with butter.

The Japanese potato salad is a must-try if you like potato salad (who doesn’t?!). A few simple add-ins make this potato salad more delectable than the traditional potato salads found in the U.S. (But both are great – don’t get me wrong!)

The mashed carrot potatoes with bacon is a surprisingly delicious recipe. Such simple ingredients come together to create a dish that you (or I) literally can’t stop eating. This is a great dish to add to your Thanksgiving repertoire!

Those are just a few of many budget-friendly potato recipes you’ll find here. Enjoy!