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Cooking with kids

Cooking with kids can be a lot of fun – or it can be a complete disaster! The fix? Start by choosing recipes and dishes that are easy to make and fun for kids to participate in.

A fun place to start on Cheap Recipe Blog is the 10-minute s’mores dip. You literally just place marshmallows, chocolate, and optional add-ins in a dish and bake… and then use a graham cracker to dip in it.

For a fun activity, make homemade playdough with the kids! It’s a fun and easy recipe, which kids can participate in.

There’s also a post on cheap meal ideas for kids. There, you’ll find a bunch of budget-friendly and simple recipe ideas that kids will love to eat, like cinnamon toast and applesauce overnight oatmeal.

The main point here is that feeding kids doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Plus, the food you choose to give your kids doesn’t have to be unhealthy either – there are so many creative ways to get your kids to eat healthy foods – and learn the important life skill of cooking!