50 cheap after school snack ideas, most under $1.00. Click through for all 50 ideas.

I don’t have children, but if I did, I imagine I would love making them after-school snacks.

The perfect after-school snack is many things:

  • Quick and easy
  • Nourishing
  • Not too heavy (you don’t want to spoil dinner!)

Most importantly, it has to be low-cost. An after-school snack is not a meal, so it shouldn’t cost as much.

So here they are: 50 cheap after-school/afternoon snacks that will please your kid’s palate, whether he or she is in daycare, preschool or school. Feel free to add your own ideas below.

(Secretly) Healthy Snacks

Peanut butter cup smoothie recipe

My former favorite breakfast

Snacks For Kids With a Sweet Tooth

Apple-cinnamon mug cake: Got 5 minutes? Then you can make this moist, delicious mug cake with delicious apples.

Savory/Salty Snacks

Wonton wrapper mozzarella sticks recipe

Hearty Snacks

50 cheap snack ideas for children, from Cheap Recipe Blog

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